Flash Mob

I must say, I was pretty surprised at how well the flash mob went! Going into it, I didn’t think it was going to be as successful for a couple reasons.  First of all I think we needed more time. I think we need more time to plan it, along with more time to get the word out there. I think if we had a little longer to advertize the flashmob across campus and get people involved via twitter and facebook it would have been a bit more successful. Also, I think it should be done earlier in the semester. I think this because during the time we did it was starting to get close to finals time, and people were starting to become busy with school work, summer plans etc. However, in the middle of the semester, maybe after mid-terms it might be a good idea to do, something people can get involved with and look forward too after mid-terms are over. I also thought it was going to be as successful because people weren’t going to do it/ didn’t want to do it. I know a few people are uncomfortable being in situations like this, and it’s a hard thing to do if your nervous or shy etc, I was worried people were just not going to show up, or maybe chicken out even last minute. However, once we got to our location and started playing the music we actually had a pretty successful little flash mob going. Amazingly everyone was pretty much in unison, doing the right moves, and it was clear that we were a group. It wasn’t messy and spaced out. We also attracted some on lookers, which was awesome and the point! I actually even had a woman come up to me and ask what was going on; she was very interested and had many questions. She thought it was a cool idea!

Blog 6

I definitely think that it is possible to convey complex ideas/messages via social media. In fact I think social media is one way that complex messages and ideas get passed along extremely successfully. People are always on the internet, all day everyday, so putting things on the internet for people to see is a great idea. For example just when I go to Yahoo.com and I see an interesting headline on the front page, I usually click it to find out more. So sometimes I do think oversimplifying is good, but just in cases like that. You don’t want to just immediately bombard people with heavy information. If its too clustered and heavy looking, people arnt going to stop to read it. They best way is to use a few key, eye catching and intriguing words, or maybe even a picture, to spark peoples interest, and then have them continue onto more information from there. From there, many powerful and complex ideas can be shared either through text, or even visuals. (Mostly everything I learn about is from the internet, or the internet is usually where I go to find out more about certain things) Once this information is online, spreading the word is easy! There are tons of social media sites like facebook, twitter, tumblr etc where people are constantly posting, then others re-post etc etc. If it’s a big enough issue, everyone will know about it within 24 hours!

Internet Use

I would have to say the number one search engine I use, is of course Google. You can find anything on Google, it’s pretty amazing. I also use things like YouTube and Wikipedia, however I usually get there after already having put something in the search bar for Google. For example if I am trying to research an actress or actor, I will put them into Google, and usually their Wikipedia page is one of the first links that pops up. I always click the Wikipedia page first. This is because I know it is going to give me the quick information I want on this person, along with a picture of them. I believe Wikipedia is a good start for getting a bit of information on the topic, but of course it isn’t going to be 100% reliable, or give you everything you are going to want to know, and that is why you then go back to more search result from Google. Usually I do spend my time looking at the first ones, for they usually are there for a reason, they are the best match. I will browse through those and hopefully find what I am looking for. I rarely will go multiple pages into a Google search,most of the time there is no need.

Its hard to really answer the question “why do I search for information”, I guess the simple answer is because there is something I want to know, or find out more about. I feel like I am constantly on my computer or phone searching for things whether its news updates, lyrics for songs or the weather. Everything and anything can be found online, and its right at our fingertips and available in seconds.

I would definitely say I know how to search for information effectively. It is easy to find what you are looking for most of the time. When I am having difficulties, I sometimes just need to change my search, or where I am searching, but usually will get my results. Also, I feel like from multiple years of school, they have taught us in classes how to properly search for things and use the internet, or even the online databases that we have available to us.


When it comes to blogging, I only have this blog. I only write what is required of me for the prompts, etc. I don’t really do much free writing or thoughts of my own that pertain to anything outside of this class. So, overall when it comes to blogging, I don’t really censor myself that much, since I don’t really feel like there is any need. Anyone can read what I am writing, I am aware that its open to the public, and I don’t think that anyone would be offended.

 As far as tweeting/facebook goes, I am definitely a little more outgoing and uncensored there. That is where I am able to say anything I want from how I am feeling to a song lyric. Yes I probably swear there more, and say some inappropriate things at times, but I still doesn’t stop me from writing it. I just look at it like, I am who I am, and I am going to say what I want to say, and you can always unfollow me of defriend me. But with that said, I am not the type of person to make completely offensive remarks anyways, so I don’t really think it would ever be an issue down the line for me. 

I don’t really enjoy blogging, but I like tweeting and facebook. Its nice to just be able to say a sentence here and there via twitter, than have to write a whole entire blog out. I get why people enjoy blogs, but it just isn’t for me, facebook and twitter is enough social media. Also, I believe that blogging is a higher risk type of writing because you are free to say absolutely whatever you would like. Where as when writing a composed paper you are always going to have some sort of restrictions. There are just certain things that are more appropriate to be said over blogs, than through a written piece for class.

Retail Website Analysis Continued..

Adding onto my last post..heres part of the website that describes a little bit about themselves..  http://www.lulus.com/about-us.html

I also found that the site has a blog on it! Which is pretty cool..tells you all kinds of htings from new styles, where to get certain items, and all kinds of fun tips .. http://www.lulus.com/blog/interviews/

Retail Website Analysis

So a website that I frequent and decided why not do this assignment on is LuLus.com

LuLus.com is retail site for women that sells dresses, jeans, shoes, accessories and jewelry. When you first get to the website, you notice the white background that has bright colors and text on it, I like how it looks, I really like bright and fun colors. Theres just enough color to make you interested, but not too much that makes it look overwhelming and tacky. Also, in capital letters right along the top are all the different categories for shopping: Dresses, shoes, tops, bottoms, denim, accessories, jewelry. Also on the sides they have some more specific categories like, prints, best sellers etc. It is all easy to see, and the site if definitely easy to navigate. 

Some social media applications I found on the site were on the bottom the had a small link that said “survey” which basically asks a couple of things about yourself, and then different types of brands you like and favorite places to shop. Also, the site has things on the side saying “like us on facebook” and they have a button to click for twitter as well. I think that having the options to like the page on facebook and post about it on twitter is a good idea. It’s just really quick and easy to do and doesnt interrupt the shopping experience, and once you like it, it helps the website out a lot. Through your “like” tons and tons of other people are going to see it, may feel compelled to click it, and LuLus may get some business! All just because I was on their site and clicked the “like” button that they had made so easily available for me.

As mentioned before, I really like the set up of the website. I think it has just enough of everything. Just enough color and the different shopping categories are easily seen and navigation is pretty simple. I guess for improvement, it might be nicer if they had a couple more images of shoes/clothing/accessories right on the main page, just so you could get an idea right away of what the websites style was. If it wasn’t for being a frequent visitor of the site, just by the main page I wouldn’t really have a good idea of what kind of brand and clothing this site is trying to sell.

Are you a lurker or participant?

I would have to say that overall, I am a lurker. That sounds so creepy to say, but I mean, it’s true. I say I’m a lurker because when I sign onto facebook or twitter, obviously multiple stories about what people are doing show up; and its just habit to scroll down your feed, and see what people are saying/doing. Since I am not actively responding to any of these posts (usually) and just reading them, I would consider that to be lurking. 

I especially to find myself to be a lurker on twitter more than facebook. On twitter I follow people that I don’t even know personally, and who don’t know me, such as famous people. I feel like twitter is just made for lurking in this case. You can go to any celebrities profile that you like and just scroll down their feed and look at their pictures to see what they have been up to. At least on facebook the people on your feed are friends, or at least people you vaguely know.

However, sometimes I will participate. If a friend writes on my wall, I will write back. Or if I see someone posts a status I like or I find interesting etc. I will sometimes comment on it. Or there is just the simple action of “liking” something. Although minor, I would still consider that to be participation. I usually will like all kinds of things; if I like it, I will like it. I am more likely to comment on someones post or status if I am fairly good friends with them. I am not going to just comment on someones status who I don’t really know or interact with at all, even if we are friends on facebook.

Social Media Usage Reflection

So when coming upon the assignment of recording 24 hours of social media usage, I knew I was going to be face to face with the embarrassing amount of time I spent using it. However, social media is also such a huge part of our generation, and it has become such a natural thing, so I guess that makes me feel like a little less pathetic. I never really think about how much I am using social media, until this assignment, and when I’m with my parents. Whenever I have my phone out around my parents, my dad always just gives me this look that basically says, get off your damn phone. They always seem to like to point out how much it is in my hand, like it is some kind of crime, they just don’t understand….

When doing this assignment, I can’t say I was really surprised by how much I use social media. I am very aware that I am on my phone a lot, along with my computer. Also, I lost my phone recently and it seemed like it was the end of the world. Of course losing a phone sucks, but the idea of not being able to contact people was such an awful feeling. Basically, I am aware how much social media is a part of my life and how much I depend on it.

Since using social media I have definitely noticed some changes in my ability to concentrate. For example if I am reading something and I hear my phone go off, I automatically loose focus and when I try to get back to reading I can’t stop thinking about who was calling/texting me and what they need etc. Even if I put my phone on silent so I don’t get distracted, I sometimes find myself wondering if anyone has called or texted me. 

24 Hour Social Media Record

I decided to start my 24 hour social media recording today.

Today I woke up at about 1130am and the first thing I did was check my phone for text messages. Seeing as how I had some I responded, eyes still half shut. I then proceeded to open my computer and check facebook. After cruising aimlessly around facebook for about 20 minutes I started to get ready for class, with Netflix playing in the background. Then at 1245 I walked to class. I had my phone out the whole time and was texting, and checking facebook, even though it was the same updates from before, I continued to do so – I guess maybe to kill time? From 1-215 I was in class and didn’t use my computer or phone. From 230-345 I was in social media class! I had my laptop out and twitter was up, and I tweeted a few times during the class. From 4-545 I had another class, and didn’t have my phone or my computer out. However, right at 545 I took my phone out, and right away responded to texts. I continued to do this on my 20 minute walk home, along with checking facebook again and playing words with friends. From 630-730 I met up with some friends for dinner, and only checked my phone a few times, nothing too extensive. At 745 I started doing some homework, which required online research, so of course at the same time I had facebook up and was chatting with friends. It is now 10pm and I am still doing a mixture of talking to friends on facebook and getting homework done. When I am all done, probably around 12, I will put in a movie and eventually go to sleep.


First Blog Post Ever!

Never have blogged before…currently trying to understand and navigate my way around this website. I’m finding it overwhelming having to keep up with facebook, twitter and a blog..seems like a lot of social media to have, but I’m willing to give it a try..